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I partner with parents of LGBTQ+ kids, empowering them to accept and support their children, so they can thrive without judgment or limitations.
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“Mom, Dad, I have something to tell you, I am gay, bisexual or transgender, etc.”

A powerful combination of words many parents don’t ever want to hear. My client “Geanna” said she dreaded the day that her beloved 11-year-old daughter, “Jackie” told her she is a lesbian. Geanna admits that she felt anxious, ashamed, afraid, even guilty for a long time after that. That was 16 years ago, Jackie is her only daughter of four children.

Today, both Geanna and Jackie are estranged and have not spoken to each other in years. Geanna simply couldn’t deal with it. She had dreams and plans for her beloved daughter, and the thought of supporting her through something she did not know or understand, and which her Christian beliefs and values did not agree with, was a bit too much.

"Jackie" left home when she was 17 and has never come back.

I know there are many parents like Geanna who struggle with the process of supporting, accepting, an affirming their children, that is why I compiled this FREE PDF of 7 mistakes that many parents make when they find themselves at these crossroads. It is also available with your subscription to my newsletter. I hope you can find some answers in my words…

Thank you for reading, now it is time to take the necessary steps toward becoming the parent your beloved child needs. To do so, click this link and join me and other parents like you who are walking hand in hand on this journey.

Your first session is FREE, you have nothing to lose!

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Dr. Lulu, Pediatrician, Parent Coach, Mom.
About Dr. Lulu
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Dr. Lulu aka the Momatrician is a retired pediatrician and mom of a transgender young adult. She is a 3-time TEDx speaker, best-selling author, an award-winning LGBTQ+ advocate and youth suicide prevention activist.  

A former Lt. Col and commander in the US Air Force, she currently works with parents of LGBTQ+ youth. She coaches them on how to accept, understand and support their children.    

Dr. Lulu speaks publicly on parenting, childhood trauma, LGBTQ+ acceptance and youth suicide prevention. She has been featured on local, national, and international media including the nationally syndicated CBS This Morning with Gayle King and was interviewed by lady Oprah Winfrey on www.oprahdaily.com.  

Dr. Lulu is the bestselling author of How to Teach Your Children About Racism, and her books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and anywhere great books are sold.  

She has been featured in The Washington Post, Parents Magazine, Kevin MD, BlackPast.org, The African Magazine, This Day Magazine, Black Parenting Magazine, The Entrepreneur Magazine and many other media outlets.  

She can be reached at @drlulutalkradio on Instagram and LinkedIn, Twitter and on TikTok @Dr. Lulu. Email: Coach@dr-lulu.com  

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"You are a person who has positively made a difference in my dealing with my son's suicide.  Your podcast has been a life saver. "

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